Hexabox - First prototype !

 I wanted for some time now to design a new version of Drawer Box, a coordinated motion puzzle box. It's a nice design (at least I have good feedback from puzzlers), but not easy to 3D print and I had decided to discontinue this model. It has generated a bit of frustration for those who wanted a copy, my apologies for that.

So, I decided to go for a new version, with a better printability but also with some new twist. I just cannot do the same design twice or change only a small thing here and there, this is no the way I like to work.

And then comes Hexabox, the big sister of Drawer Box !

Hexabox is a coordinated motion puzzle box, shaped as an hexagon (I now, clever name...) , with 4 drawers and a sequential discovery ending improved compared to Drawer Box. 

It is quite a massive puzzle, because of the 4 drawers. Also, I have designed a new way of coordinating the drawers, quite ingenious I must say, and I hope not too fragile. 

This puzzle is actually difficult. I had to design some way to give hints, because I struggled myself with the disassembly and reassembly (yes, I know, I am supposed to know the model I designed...). There are 3 phases in the solving process, which could qualify it as a sequential discovery puzzle, even if I am cautious with using that terminology.

Next step is to get a first copy properly printed. What you see on the picture is only a first working prototype. I am considering for this model to print in wood filament. I will see if the rendering is good. And after that, I will proceed to testing with at least one more serious puzzler than I am.

UPDATE: Due to its complexity, this puzzle will not be produced in a small series. My apologies for those of you who were interested.


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