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Teaser - Hexabox

  For those of you who had been following me, you remember that I started a new design, Hexabox, as a sequel to Drawer Box, and then I stopped, because of too many issues in the design and in the 3D printing process. "Vingt fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage" wrote Boileau the poet. So I did (more than 20 times actually...). I reviewed the design, taking into account the constraints of the production process. I work now with a new partner for 3D printing, and we were able to find solutions, with better quality. And I sent a couple of weeks ago, a copy of Hexabox to my favorite tester. Great feedback. A couple of things to fix, to improve the game. Still fine tuning, but I should have 5 copies ready to get assembled soon. Hexabox is sequential discovery puzzle box, with coordinated motions. It takes around 20 steps to get to the goal (find the coin), with 3 phases to follow. Not ready yet for ordering (in December).

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