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New release: Gift Box

Long time since my previous release, I needed a (long) break. And expect a (long) break after this release, no worry, I am just way too busy...  Gift Box is a packing puzzle, with an apparent cube inside a gift box (I am so clever with names...). I played with that concept for a while and found several interesting configurations. I wanted to have multiple challenges into one. So I settled on a configuration with which you can assemble 3 different 3x3x3 cubes with the same 7 pieces. You take out 2 pieces out and pack the 5 remaining into the gift box. Each game has a few assemblies outside of the box (2 or 3) and one unique solution inside. There might be rotational shortcuts but so far I did not find any.  I played myself with Game 3, as a blind solve, and found the packing part actually tricky !  Since we don’t like to have isolated pieces hanging out on collectors’ shelves, I designed a square box to fit under the gift box once assembled and contain the 2 extra pieces. The resu