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New release : Pack4u (I designed) + Framed Chaos (designed by Lucie Pauwels)

  I am happy to release a first small batch of 2 new puzzles ! Pack4u is a packing puzzle I have designed. The goal is to pack the 5 pieces (4 different Us + 1 w) into the 4-shaped box. This packing puzzle is of medium difficulty. It's a typical solve for a packing puzzle, with some nice moves. And the shape with the apparent cube (actually not a cube, a 4x4x2 block) is fun ! Framed Chaos is a puzzle designed by Lucie Pauwels. It's a packing puzzle as well, with some original shape. The goal is to fit the 4 pieces inside the 2 frames, in order to form a 6x6x2 block. See the goal below, as a 3D model to avoid any spoiler. This packing puzzle is of medium difficulty. I like it because of the original goal, it is a fun puzzle as well. Thank you Lucie for the nice design ! These 2 puzzles will be added to the shop. Depending on demand, I will produce more.