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Swiss Cheese and Grape - Ready for final testing

I have finally completed all small fixes and tests with family and friends. Everything seems to work fine ! Next step is testing with a serious puzzler (more serious than me at least !). I keep my fingers crossed. Testing has been successfully completed, with a good feedback and a good recommendation for improvement. Thank you Michel ! This puzzle is definitely more difficult than what you could expect (level 6/6) !

Swiss Cheese and Grape - More testing

I have completed the 3D printing of the latest prototype of Swiss Cheese and Grape. I am quite happy with the result, it looks good! A few things still to be fixed (the box is too loose...) but it seems to be working ! I have printed a series of 4. I still need to play with it and test to verify, but if I haven’t done any mistake, now there is a unique solution for each configuration (1 main one and 3 additional as bonus). Next step is testing (hoping final testing) with 2 members of the puzzling community. I always start with self testing and the family & friends testing, but nothing like going through real puzzlers!