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Drawer Box

Drawer Box is a puzzle box, with 3 drawers. The objective is to pull out all three drawers and find the coin which is hidden in the box. The puzzle is 3D printed in PLA, an eco-friendly plastic. The coin is a French 5 cents coin, from the eighties, before the euro replaced the franc. The puzzle is moderately difficult. You can expect a few Ah Ha moments during the disassembly. But expect as well some challenge in the reassembly. An early version has been presented to IPP in 2019. I take that opportunity to thank in particular Oskar van Deventer and Jean-Baptiste from Arteludes who have given me some very precious feedback. IPP 2019 entry Teaser video on YouTube (no spoiler)

Let me introduce myself

I have always been passionated about puzzles. I like all kind of puzzles, in particular interlocking puzzles, but not only. I have a real passion for coordinated motion puzzles, which I find fascinating, and for puzzle boxes, with multiple steps for solving. I have a small collection of puzzles, not a huge one, and I consider myself as fairly good solver, but in no way an expert solver, as I know some. At some point in my puzzling experience, I played with the idea of designing and building puzzles of my own creation. I started to design and build a puzzle box in wood. The concept was good, and it worked. However I was not fully satisfied with my craftsmanship, and the quality of the build was not as good as the quality of the design. In other words, my hands and tools were not really apt to render what I had imagined in my mind. So I started to explore 3D printing to create puzzles, improving my skills with 3D modelling and 3D printing. Early work remained at the stage of prot