Hint or Solution ?

As a general rule, all my puzzles are delivered without any solution sheet.
Having a solution sheet is too tempting, and it will spoil your pleasure, the pleasure of the Ah Ha ! moment when you finally find the solution (or at least you thought you found it...). This Ah Ha ! moment is the reason why you and I started puzzling in the first place!

But, based on the feedback I receive from puzzlers, I did adjust my position. From now on, I will provide a secret code with every puzzle. This secret code will be printed on the card or handbook that goes with the puzzle. With this secret code, from this page, you will be able to see a hint or the full solution.

Please note that an invalid secret code will lead to nowhere...

Be reassured that all my puzzles are properly tested. First, every new design is properly tested by multiple and independent puzzlers, with the exact same instructions that you receive with your puzzle. Also, every copy is individually verified and tested by hand, in order to avoid any 3D misprinting.


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