New packing puzzle - Pack4u !

I just designed a new packing puzzle, Pack4u ! 

A box in the shape of a 4 and 5 pieces, including 4 differents u's, it's a packing puzzle for you! 

 It is of medium complexity, but the solve is nice. You can follow standard method for solving such a packing puzzle, but you have to use your brain for at least a couple of steps with some nice Ah Ha! moment. I blind solved it myseld (I know it cannot be 100% blind as I cannot erase my brain) and found it cool.
I should release it in the coming weeks. Colors on the picture are not definitive. I think the box will be dark grey and the pieces orange. Also I have already slightly enhanced the lid.

I should release it at the same time as Framed Chaos by Lucie Pauwels!


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