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Swiss Cheese and Grape - First release

I have finally produced a first batch of my new puzzle "Swiss Cheese and Grape" ! I am very happy with the result. The design is quite original, cheesy you could say ! I have been able to improve a few things during prototyping and testing phases. A bonus piece has been added for additional games and fun. The main challenge is actually quite difficult, as proven during multiple test rounds, with a rating of 6 over a scale of 6. Are you up to the challenge ?     :-) 12 copies have been made, and 10 are available for sale.

Drawer Box - Final batch

I have just finished the last batch of Drawer Box - IPP+ Edition ! 6 copies have been produced. They are all already pre-reserved by the way. Sold out ! All good things come to an end. Drawer Box is now discontinued. I will be focusing on new puzzles. I still might produce one copie here and there but no more small series. I could start a modified version as well. Another idea would be to produce it in wood, please get in touch with me if you want  to produce that.