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New packing puzzle - Pack4u !

I just designed a new packing puzzle, Pack4u !  A box in the shape of a 4 and 5 pieces, including 4 differents u's, it's a packing puzzle for you!   It is of medium complexity, but the solve is nice. You can follow standard method for solving such a packing puzzle, but you have to use your brain for at least a couple of steps with some nice Ah Ha! moment. I blind solved it myseld (I know it cannot be 100% blind as I cannot erase my brain) and found it cool. I should release it in the coming weeks. Colors on the picture are not definitive. I think the box will be dark grey and the pieces orange. Also I have already slightly enhanced the lid. I should release it at the same time as Framed Chaos by Lucie Pauwels!

Plastic ? Yes, indeed !

Yes, I do print puzzles in plastic. I know it can raise questions or even concerns for some people.Let me try to get some answer ! What I hear sometimes is two types of objection. First of all, from serious puzzlers, that wood is much nicer, you could say even more noble, for puzzles than plastic. Yes, indeed I love puzzles in woods ! But I have a few but... Wood is nicer and more expensive as well. The price of high quality wood puzzles can be quite high, and very rightly so. It requires exotic woods and special craftmanship, hence the price. 3D printed puzzles are more affordable, not necessarily cheap but more affordable, and can be of high quality as well. I always pay a lot of attention to the quality of my puzzles, and from the feedback I receive, I believe I can be satisfied. 3D printing puzzles is not an industrial process, where you just push a button and then you have 10 puzzles ready for sale (sorry to disappoint some of you). It requires some craftmanship, sure not th