3 packing puzzles to be released !


I am going to release soon 3 packing puzzles, 2 that have been designed by Lucie Pauwels and that I have modeled in 3D (thank you Lucie !), and one of my own design.

I am quite happy with the result! I was not that familiar with packing puzzles until I recently played with a few and enjoyed the packing experience. Each one of these packing puzzles has its own twist, with similar difficulty, it is a nice set !

Rotabox, designed by Lucie Pauwels

Pack all six pieces into the box (2 goals)
The solution involves rotation, obviously!


Pentastack, designed by Bruno

Pack all six pieces into the box
Pentagon shapes can be quite misleading !


Skof, designed by Lucie Pauwels

Pack all seven pieces into the box
The inner drawer can move laterally in the box !


If you are interested, please fill in the waiting list form. It is useful for me to better estimate the quantities and then launch the production.


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