Swiss Cheese and Grape - Prototyping

After Drawer Box, I started in May a new design, based on a completely different concept and completely different style. Swiss Cheese and Grape is a mix of packing puzzle and maze.

You have to rearrange the different pieces in the right order to create a maze so that a steel marble can be dropped from the top, go through all five pieces and get out at the bottom of the box.


  • The first design had been modeled in 3D in June 2019. I use OpenScad for all my puzzles.
  • First 3D print in July... Useless as usual for a first print...
  • Second 3D print in August. Functional, even if there are a few defects to fix.
  • Testing in progress : my kids and wife found more solutions than expected !
    So back to the drawing board (and the keyboard) but I know now what needs to be fixed and how to do it. On top of that, I have an idea for a bonus experience !
    I have even written a program to test all solutions (my own version of swiss cheese tools for those of you who know burr tools !). I now have a full design, bonus included !
  • Third and final 3D print planned for end of September and then testing by the puzzling community.


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